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Welcome to General Engineering 1004

[URGENT] Kit Returns due today!

Hey all,

This is the LAST reminder to return all SLDP kits today by 8 pm, in Open Lab (JABS 573). Failure to return your kit will result in a grade of I (Incomplete) in EG-UY 1004: Introduction to Engineering and Design. If the I (Incomplete) is not resolved in a timely manner, the grade will convert to an F (Fail). If you have returned your kit, please disregard this message.

Hope everyone had a great semester with the EG1004 team and good luck with finals!

RAD Showcase Results!

Hello Everyone,

General Engineering is pleased to announce our respective winning RAD teams: The Commuter Clock and Hermes Lens! Our winning teams will be receiving the Gunter Georgi award. Be sure to congratulate your peers when you see them!

  • 1st Place: The Commuter Clock - Riley Dou, Maximilian Ta, Faith Villarreal
  • 2nd Place: Hermes Lens- Calvin Clizer, Abdul Qureshi

We hope that even if you did not complete a RAD project or decided not to continue developing your prototype, you continue to stay curious and creative! We are so proud of everyone’s growth this semester and hope that you carry that entrepreneurial, maker spirit throughout your academic careers. Here are some NYU resources for your consideration:

Onwards and upwards!

Warm regards,
The EG Teaching Team
NYU Entrepreneurship
Innovation Venture Fund - NYU Entrepreneurship
Receive funding from this seed-stage fund that invests exclusively in startups founded by current NYU students, faculty, and researchers.

[Deadline Today!] Apply to be a TA!

The application to become a TA is due tonight at 11:59! The application can be found at .We are excited about your interest in making EG 1004 the best possible course for incoming first-year students at Tandon. The interviews are expected to take place virtually over the summer. If you have any questions regarding the position or the process, feel free to reach out to your Teaching Assistants or the Professors or Head Teaching Assistants at . Have a good rest of your semester!

RAD follow up!

Hey all!

As a follow up, for RAD groups who intend to continue working on their projects, and have filled out the respective form, please hold off returning and disassembling  your projects until further instructions. We hope to send out decisions by Monday (05/01).

Thank you!


Hi all!

Just another reminder that Open Lab will be running at a modified schedule today (04/27) and will be closed from 6-8 pm. It will reopen on Friday (04/28) and follow the normal schedule.

Good luck with your submissions!

RAD: Apply to keep working on your project!

To All RAD groups,

In light of the semester coming to a close, we wanted to encourage students to carry on their projects even after they have completed EG 1004. If a group wants to continue their project after the end of the semester and retain ownership of their prototype, they can fill out this form. Completion of this form doesn't guarantee that the group will get to keep the project. The final decision is made by EG 1004 administration.

Good luck to everyone this submission week!

Apply to be a TA!

Dear EG 1004 Students!

Just a reminder that TA applications are due 11:59 PM EDT on May 1, 2023! The application can be found at .

We encourage everyone to apply, including those who are studying abroad in the upcoming semesters. Studying abroad will not affect your application, and if accepted, you may defer your start date.

Again, the interviews are expected to take place virtually over the summer. If you have any questions regarding the position or the process, feel free to reach out to your Teaching Assistants, Professors, or Head Teaching Assistants at .

Have a good semester!


Hello everyone! Just a couple reminders as we are coming near the end of the semester:

  • This week, Modelshop will be open during Lab times and that is now reflected on the website.
  • 3D printing approvals will not be done after 4/24, so please plan on going into protolab at some point before that to get your approval if there is something that you need for your project completion.
  • Lastly, Open Lab will close on April 27th at 6:00 pm and reopen with normal hours on Friday April 28th.

Good luck with your SLDPs!

Headshot Photo Booth Open for Students!

Hi all - please see below for information about the photo booth open to students for headshots. We recommend using this resource to update your LinkedIn profile picture!


The Wasserman Center at Union Square now offers a photo booth for headshots, available to any student, faculty or staff member.  No appointment is necessary, and it is free!  People can come any time during Wasserman hours and use the booth.  This may be especially helpful to students who need headshots for their job search, and for anyone looking for a more polished photo to use on social media.  Wasserman has a clothing closet if anyone needs to borrow professional attire such as a suit jacket for their photo.

In addition to walk-ins, there are two events coming up to celebrate the photo booth -- no RSVP necessary.  There will be refreshments and fun activities.

  • Monday, 5/1 (12:00pm-5:00pm): Photo Booth Kick Off Class of 2023 (Open to all students)
  • Thursday, 6/1 (9:15am - 11:00am): Campus Partners and Headshot Event (Open to all staff and faculty)

Please note the photo booth is ADA compliant.  Anyone who may need accommodations can contact to schedule a time for headshots with a staff member who can assist.

Apply to be a TA

Dear EG 1004 Students!

As we mentioned in lecture and recitation, we are now hiring TAs for future semesters of EG 1004 (starting Fall 2023). We are looking for enthusiastic TAs who are passionate about shaping future STEM professionals. The application can be found at .

We are excited about your interest in making EG 1004 the best possible course for incoming first-year students at Tandon. Applications are open until 11:59 PM EDT on May 1, 2023. The interviews are expected to take place virtually over the summer. If you have any questions regarding the position or the process, feel free to reach out to your Teaching Assistants, Professors, or Head Teaching Assistants at . Have a good semester!

Applications Open: RAD Showcase!

Attention all RAD groups!

The RAD Showcase Application opens today! We encourage everyone to apply through this form by April 12th 11:59PM. The RAD Showcase gives RAD groups the opportunity to present their projects to the EG teaching staff and members of the Tandon community.

By entering the showcase, RAD groups have the opportunity to compete for the Gunter Georgi Award which is presented to exceptional RAD groups for developing novel solutions to compelling real-world problems. Selected RAD groups will present their final presentations in Pfizer Auditorium on Monday, May 1 during lecture time. In order to be selected, your group must also be available for practice presentations in Pfizer auditorium on Monday, April 24 during lecture time. Based on the practice presentations, the top-ranked groups will advance to present on May 1 for the Gunter Georgi Award.

First place Gunter Georgi Award winners will be presented at Tandon Convocation and will be awarded $200 each with second place winners being awarded $100 each. Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

Good luck!

EG 1004 Lecture 9 Cancelled April 3rd

Dear EG 1004 Students, 


Unfortunately, Melissa Goldman the VP of Corporate Engineering at Google is unable to make it to lecture next week due to travel for work. So, like I mentioned on Monday, I'm cancelling lecture. Everyone will receive credit for lecture 9. Please use the lecture time to work on your SLDPs. The next and final lecture, Lecture 10 World Trade Center Construction, with Peter Rinaldi (former Assistant Director of Engineering for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority) will take place on April 10th. See you in Pfizer Auditorium on April 10th!

For those of you who are really interested in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning lecture you may view the Spring 2021 Zoom recording here. Please ignore the outdated opening content and reminders. At that time Melissa Goldman was Chief Information Officer at JP Morgan Chase Bank. YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR NYU ZOOM ACCOUNT in order to view this recording.



Professor Bringardner

Applications Open: RAD Innovation Grant

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in lecture, applications are now open for the RAD Innovation Grant. Open to all RAD groups, this grant can supplement your $100 budget to purchase items for completion of your projects.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your recitation instructors. The application deadline is 03/29/22 at 11:59 PM ET.

Good luck on your projects!

Spring Break Open Lab Schedule

Hello everyone! 

The Open Lab schedule for next week March 13-17 is now updated! We will be running a 12-4 schedule and the calendar on the website is updated to reflect this. 

Enjoy your spring break! :)

Useful Design Workshop 3/8 6 PM
Dear EG 1004 SLDP Teams:
The MakerSpace Design Lab is hosting a workshop on User Testing tomorrow night. This could be helpful for all SLDP teams as you work through your design iterations and prepare for the final presentation. See below for additional details and registration link.
Design & Innovation Studio: User Testing
Wednesday, March 8th, 6 - 7:30pm
Join us for an in-person workshop with Emily Fishbaine, a User Experience Researcher and Strategist at Globant, a multinational software development firm. Prior to that, she worked at a medical device design consultancy where she conducted usability testing for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. This workshop will focus on how using research can be helpful and even critical as a designer. It will raise and answer questions about when research should be conducted, what methodology to use, and how it feeds into the iterative nature of design. The goal is for you to leave this workshop feeling empowered and excited to use research to take your designs to the next level.
Register for the career fair!

Hi everyone!

We wanted to encourage you all to register for the upcoming Spring 2023 Virtual Career Fair on Friday, 3/3 from 12pm - 4pm. More information can be found here.

Have a great week,

The EG1004 Teaching Team

Modelshop Closed During Lab Times

Hi all!

Modelshop will be closed during lab times between 2/27 and 3/3, unless you are scheduled to be in lab during that time. These changes are updated on the Open Lab Schedule on the EG website.

Apply to RAD/VEX!

Hello all!

Just a reminder to fill out the RAD/ VEX application using this form, due tonight at 11:59 pm. If you are applying for RAD, make sure to attend a RAD ideation session in Open Lab (JABS 573) , open till 8:00 pm today. 


RAD and VEX Application

Hello All,

Below is the application form for the RAD and VEX projects. Please only fill out the VEX/RAD application once you have formed your SLDP groups in recitation. The form is due by next Tuesday (02/07) 11:59PM EST.

If you are applying for RAD, your group will need to attend Open Lab and meet with a TA for a RAD ideation session. If you are first applying for VEX, but RAD is your second choice, you are highly encouraged to attend an ideation session! Open Lab times can be found on the EG website. Please contact your recitation TA if you have any questions!

To apply for RAD or VEX: Please fill out this form. If you need help finding inspiration for RAD project ideas, you can reference this document.

Good luck to everyone!

Welcome Spring 2023 Students!

Hello Everyone,

For staffing information for the course you may click on "Sections" found on the left menu portion of this webpage under the "Course Information" heading. Room numbers for recitations, labs, and lecture can also be found on this page. You may familiarize yourselves with all of the EG1004 TAs by clicking on "Teaching Assistants" and looking up your TAs by name. You may also search for your professors and writing consultants by clicking on "Professors" or "Writing Consultants".

You can view the syllabus and schedule from the the left menu portion of the webpage.

If you have any further questions regarding the course, assignments, staffing, or anything else you may direct them to Have a wonderful semester!