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Welcome to General Engineering 1003

A Loss to the EG Family

It is with great sorrow that I must announce a loss to the General Engineering family.

Professor Michael Greenstein, after serving Poly and NYU for over 15 years, has passed away as of this morning.  He will surely be missed both in the classroom and in the halls and we are all saddened by this news.

Henceforth, his classes will be covered by Professor Bringardner (G3) and Professor Li (C3).

Gunter Georgi

3D Printing for SLDP

While the deadline for 3D Designs has passed, you may continue to submit for printing. Submission after Friday (11/3) may result in your design not being printed prior to the end of the semester.  If your design is approved online you may come in to the Protolab to have it printed, or you may print it yourself in the Makerspace.  If your design is denied, you must come to the Protolab within 3 days to have it resolved.  Multiple .stl files may now also be uploaded as a .zip.  
As you are submitting your 3D designs for your logos, course modifications, or robot parts, please keep in mind the requirements posted on the EG Manual.

Lockers for SLDP Kits

As Professor Georgi stated during the Lecture last week, Students may now use the lockers directly across from the model shop for the storage of their kits. Students must talk to an Open Lab TA to be assigned a locker and must have a lock. Only one locker per SLDP group.  

Mandatory Mid-Semester Teamwork Survey

Hello Everyone!

I hope your semesters have been going well.  We want to check in on your SLDP teams and give you an opportunity to tell us how you feel you are doing and how you are working together.  A link to a Google Form is below and we ask that you please fill it out with honest answers.  This is a mandatory assignment and is due by 11:59 PM the night before your next Recitation.  Keep in mind that your answers will be kept completely confidential.  If you have any questions or concerns, email:  Thank you and good luck with midterms!

Mandatory Mid-Semester Project Survey

Welcome Fall 2017 Students!

Hello Everyone,

For staffing information for the course you may click on "Sections" found on the left menu portion of this webpage under "Course Information" heading. Room numbers for recitations and labs may also be found on the same page. Lectures will take place in Pfizer Auditorium in Dibner (5 Metrotech). Recitations and Labs are mainly run by TAs. You may familiarize yourselves with all of the EG TAs by clicking on "Teaching Assistants" and looking up your TAs by their names.

You can download the syllabus and the schedule for your section from the the left menu portion of the webpage.

If you have any further questions regarding the course, assignments, staffing, or anything else you may direct them to Have a successful semester!