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Welcome to General Engineering 1003

Arduino Workshop

Hello all,

Hope you have all had a wonderful week. The Arduino workshop that was originally scheduled on Tuesday is rescheduled to tomorrow, Friday February 20th from 12-1:30 PM. Arduino is one of the microcontrollers available for use in the RAD challenge, and is also an excellent microcontroller for personal projects as well. If you are interested in learning how to use it, please sign up with the link below.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Microsoft Project Download

With milestone presentations quickly approaching, Microsoft Project can be installed (Windows only) at the Tandon Laptop Help Desk is located in Rogers Hall, Room 337, Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 4:45 pm. MS Project is available for Windows and Macs through the NYU Virtual Computer Lab, though we highly recommend utilizing the Tandon Help Desk as a local installation of MS Project will better support your assignments.

MakerSpace Orientation

If you scheduled a MakerSpace orientation for yesterday, 2/17, please try to attend another orientation this week before lab. If you cannot make any other times this week, you will not be penalized, but you still must complete the orientation ASAP. I will see you all next week for Milestone 1 presentations. Here are the following groups and their projects. If you see an inconsistency, please e-mail me:

HIR: Nidhi, Austin, Dylan

HIR: Luke, Ellawyn, Kavitha

HIR: Cristina, Caitlin, Alexander

RDS: Sundeep, Richard, Talal

BDR: William, Jack, Matthew

Arduino Workshop postponed

Hello all, 

Due to the time conflict between the Arduino workshop and the extra credit Writing consultant presentation, the Arduino workshop is being moved to a later date that will be announced soon. 

Have a wonderful day!

Arduino Workshop postponed

Hello all, 

Due to the time conflict between the Arduino workshop and the extra credit Writing consultant presentation, the Arduino workshop is being moved to a later date that will be announced soon. 

Have a wonderful day!

[IMPORTANT] Extra Credit Lecture

On Tuesday, February 18th, from 12:30pm to 2:00pm, there will be a special intensive workshop on writing lab reports by Professor Duncan Osborne in Pfizer Auditorium.  As the semester continues the grading of lab reports will grow tougher, so learning the correct way to write these reports is vital for both this class and the rest of your engineering career.  We encourage all students to attend as there will be no Open Lab during this time and those who do attend may receive extra credit on their Lab Reports.

Upcoming EG Workshops

Hello all,

Hope you had a good first week of classes! EG1003 will be running a set of workshops in the MakerSpace over the course of the semester. These workshops are designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn technical skills that they may need in future courses or careers.

The workshops being run (during Exam Hour on Tuesday) this semester are:

Intoduction to Circuitry (2/11)
Introduction to Arduino (2/18)
Introduction to Raspberry Pi (3/3)
Advanced Arduino (4/7)
Soldering (4/14)

While attending workshops does not affect your grade in the course, we highly encourage you to attend them as they are proven to be extremely beneficial! (especially for students working on Rapid Assembly and Design Challenge)The first workshop (Intro to Circuitry) will be held on Tuesday February 11th from 12/30 to 2:00.

Please sign up with the link below if you are interested in attending.

Enjoy the semester!

RAD and Vex-based MRR Applications

Hello all,

If you are interested in working on the Rapid Assembly and Design (RAD) Challenge as your SLDP, please fill out the following form.

If you are interested in working on the Vex-based Mars Rover Robot (MRR) Project, please fill out this form.

The deadline to submit the form is the midnight before your next week's recitation. PLEASE SUBMIT ONE PER GROUP. IF YOU ALREADY SUBMITTED AN INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION, PLEASE RESUBMIT IT WITH YOUR GROUP.

Best of luck for the semester!


Hello All,

For lab 4 this semester there is a pre-lab component. This lab's pre-lab is to visit the Makerspace and complete the Safety Orientation. IMPORTANT! You cannot attend regular Makerspace Safety Orientations, EG 1003 has organized special training for our students. The deadline to sign up for a training is MONDAY, February 3rd.

Instructions to sign up:

  • To register for MakerSpace Safety Orientation training as part of your lab 4 pre-lab, go to the Orgsync page

  • You must be signed in with your NYU email

  • Register for an open time slot

  • Time slots are between February 4th - 18th

  • If you have previously attended Safety Orientation, fill out the form  to get credit

  • If you are not able to make any of the time slots, let your recitation TA know, and we will schedule additional as needed

If you have any questions please reach out to your Recitation TA for assistance.

Welcome Spring 2020 Students!

Hello Everyone,

For staffing information for the course you may click on "Sections" found on the left menu portion of this webpage under "Course Information" heading. Room numbers for recitations and labs can also be found on the same page. Lectures will take place at the Dibner building, in the Pfizer Auditorium. Recitations and Labs are mainly run by TAs. You may familiarize yourselves with all of the EG TAs by clicking on "Teaching Assistants" and looking up your TAs by their names.

You can download the syllabus and the schedule for your section from the the left menu portion of the webpage.

If you have any further questions regarding the course, assignments, staffing, or anything else you may direct them to Have a successful semester!